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Our partners

  " A successful innovation is the happy combination between a new technology and a local resource"

          Georges Mingaud, the creator of the 1501 brand.

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"1501" is produced in partnership with the Vinovalie winegrowers from the Cave de Rabastens.

Producer of AOO Gaillac, Fronton and Cahors, Vinovalie has established itself as the leader of great wines from the southwest.

This status requires Vinovalie to lead the way in its commitment to the environment and social  ​​ responsibility, which it does in the following 7 way :

- Vineyard biodiversity

- Vine ecology

- Oenology

- Fair work pratices

- Valuing its workers

- Transparent pratices

- Reducing its carbon footprint

Vinovalie in a few figures :


The Petainer Company is a leader in the innovation of recyclable containers. It ensures the low  economic and ecological impact of packaging - reducing costs and improving sustainably, while protecting the products inside. Petainer is the benchmark for sustainable, high performance packaging in dozens of industries and sectors around the world. Many major beer brands work with them, and have chosen partner with 1501 to prove themselves in the world of sparkling wines.


In addition, the keg wich are 100% recyclable, are in 20 or 30 liter format. The two different keg materials  can be separated in a few steps to be able to be repurposed, such as for the manufacture of new keg drums. Adaptable to all kinds of taps and compatible with Micro Matic dispensng equipment. 


Click on the photo link to watch the video on keg recycling

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