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Our Commitments

- An environmental approach :

The environmental benefits of our kegs go futher than 100% recyclability. Lighter than steel or glass and easy to stack, they limit the strain on handlers while reducing CO2 emissions during transport and storage.

Unlike steel keg, there is no use of chemicals for cleaning.

1501 wine is HVE3 approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, which is the highest level of environmental merit.

- An economic approach :

Our cuvée, certified AOP, attests to the expertise of the Gaillac winegrowers but also guarantees a fair price for the produ;ct, which enchances their quality of life.

1501 is happy to support Vinovalie and to contribute to sharing their great wine with others.

We offer region-specific, recipes in order to create cocktails made with local products. A player in the local economy, with our direct and indirect jobs, we aim to stimulate growth in France by affirming our commitment to the national, cultural heritage.

- A social approach :  

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The other objective of our approach is to support frequentation of Cafés, Brasseries, restaurants ... These meeting places are inseparable from the French art of living which contributes to the richness of our societal heritage.

These establishments, by creating exchanges and fraternal links between generations and different social origins, are the first players in the mission of better “Living Together”. Symbol of relaxation and pleasure, the cocktail moment creates a feeling of well-being and reinforces conviviality.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The "1501" production process, as ingenious as it is economical, democratizes access to sparkling wines and cocktails as well as to the convivial or glamorous moments that accompany their consumption.


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